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Peyote People new beaded skull series

Kevin April 10th, 2016

Beaded Deer Skull

Beaded skull from 2007

Kevin April 3rd, 2016

Found this listing from one of the first beaded skulls we created back in 2007, hard to believe its been 10 years now. They sure have become popular since then, it seems like everyone is doing them now!!

New Huichol Indian bracelets with Japanese delica beads

New Huichol Indian hand beaded bull skull

Beautiful Huichol Indian

New Beaded Skulls

Kevin June 3rd, 2015

Kevin February 9th, 2015

Wed. the 18th of Feb. Jacobo and Maria Angeles, famed Oaxacan wood carvers will be in Galeria Colectika to demonstrate how they carve the copal wood they used to create their figures. They will also be demonstrating how they create the natural pigments they use to adorn their figures.

Kevin September 13th, 2014

Outstanding collections of beaded skulls available now in Peyote People and Galeria Colectika, downtown Puerto Vallarta. We ship world wide.

phenomenal beaded ram skull

Kevin September 3rd, 2014

Outstanding hand beaded Huichol Indian ram skull by Juan Villa Lopez a Wixarika artist from San Andres Cohamiata.

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