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July 2009

Kevin July 29th, 2009

Its been a very hot summer, just about all the Huichol have cleared out of Vallarta in search of cooler temperatures in the Sierra.  The planting season got off to an early start with all the rain we had in late June.  I’m hoping to be up in San Andres in October for the Harvest Ceremony.

We are hoping to steer some of the artists we work with in a new direction.  For far to long now the Huichol have been content to repeat the same designs over and over again.  A few of the more innovative artists have been comming up with exciting designs with the new colors that we have been providing them with.  This is at least one innovation that is definately new but very few have actually tried to takle the topic of how they fit into the new modern world.  Jose Carrillo Morales-Neikame is probably the only artist that I know of who has tried to take on this dimension of the art.  Today many of the objects that are beaded are far from traditional, paper mache figures of elephant heads and girafes abound in places like Puerto Vallarta.  Although these are ‘new’ obejects and forms they do not address the topic of how the Huichol as a tribe have adjusted to the modern world that has encroached upon them.  This fall I will be challenging some of the younger artists to tackle this subject, especially those who have emmigrated to the city.  Now that the great master Jose Benitez Sanchez is gone I really believe that its time that the culture move on from copying the great masters classic style and create pieces that reflect how they are coping to maintain their traditions in this modern world just like the Inuit of Canada have been incorporating the contemporary world into their art.

Jose Benitez Sanchez last piece

Jose Benitez Sanchez last piece

Native Art With Soul

Kevin July 5th, 2009

Mexican Folk Art is a magical world where skeletons come to life, shaman speak with Gods and whimsical animals come to life from artists dreams.  Here we will show you the faces behind the masks, and learn about the customs and rituals that have evolved into the art that we collect.

Cora Easter Ceremony