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Neikame- Jose Carrillo Morales

Kevin October 4th, 2009

Huichol art is taking on a whole new direction with Neikame’s surreal interpretations of his cultures traditional myths.  A little Salvador Dali with some Frieda Kahlo, Neikame is a real breath of fresh air in a world that had been content to copy Jose Benitez for the last 10years.  Self taught, Neikame is not only a yarn painting but has come up with his own mixed media presentation that incorporates yarn, beads and acrylic paint.

Neikame is not well recognized but has an extraordinarily loyal following of collectors.  He doesn’t create paintings very often but when he does they are filled with raw emotion.  He sincerly believes that his art reflects his cultures transformation into the contemporary world and is not affraid to tackle subjects like the  Huichol loosing its culture.  Periodically we will be featurings Neikame’s new pieces here and hope that you will enjoy seeing him progress as an artist as much as we have.

Hilaria Chavez Carrillo’s newest masterpiece

Kevin October 4th, 2009

Filling Jose Benitez Sanchez shoes is undoubtably a daunting task but Hilaria Chavez Carrillo has stepped up to the plate and today is carrying on his legacy.  Hilaria is Benitez widow and worked with the master for years but its a whole new world out there now that she is doing it on her own.  Her latest pieces however speak for themselves.sensational new 4' Huichol Indian yarn painting