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Kevin March 21st, 2010

Wow, what a winter, its nice to see that the weather is finally changing.  This winter in Mexico was undoubtably one of the coldest ever, Huichol got more snow this year than ever.  It was just over 12years ago the last time it snowed in the sierra but unlike this year it didn’t stick. 

Its been a difficult year to say the least, a number of pilgrammes from Santa Catarina have been hasseled in Wirikuta where they collect the peyote.  The Mexican authorities do not respect the rights of the people let alone the indigenous population.  Its a sad state of affairs here, the drug violence has been overplayed in the media and is negatively effecting tourism which indirectly affects the Huichol who depend on it to sell their wares.  Puerto Vallarta today is flooded with Huichol crafts, real art however is becomming more difficult to find.

Neikame is an artist who just happens to be Huichol.  His surrealistic renditions of his cultures tradions and beliefs are still pushing the limits of the traditional art.  Yarn art and bead art have be done for years, they have even began mixing the two but this new piece is the very first to use beads strickly as an accent rather than part of the coherent pattern.