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Luis Ruiz Ramirez, master Huichol Bead Artist

Kevin May 23rd, 2010

Large Beaded Bowl adorned with paper flowers, quartz rocks and coinsDSC_0071DSC_0073

Luis Ruiz Ramirez from Las Guyabas is one of very few artists that have been able to blend the Huicholes ceremonial art with todays commercial bead art.  Every piece is a true prayer to their gods, the paper flowers represent the beauty of nature, the quartz rocks are their ancestors, coins are a monatary sacrifice used as offerings to the gods, deer hair is used for abundance so the Huichol will have food in their homes and the cotton or sheeps wool will bring the clouds that make it rain.

Neikame – Jose Carrillo Morales

Kevin May 16th, 2010

Goddess of Fertility

Neikame has done it again, forever pushing the limits of his cultures traditional art he has come up with another masterpiece that will undoubtably knock your socks off.  An almost perfect combinations of form and color combine to bring a level of surrealism that few will ever come close to copying.

Luis Castro

Kevin May 16th, 2010

Luis Castro's latest masterpiece

After almost a year dealing with some personal problems, Luis Castro is back and better than ever.  Sometimes one needs to take a step back and evaluate where you are going.  The time off definately did not hurt Luis’ work as he still has that special touch that seperates his work from just about everyone else.