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Beaded Skulls- Day of the Dead

Kevin September 26th, 2011

When the orange flowers on the mountain beging to bloom you know that the day of the dead is just around the corner.  It is actually a harvest ceremony where the indigenous people have for hundreds if not thousands of years given thanks to the fruit that matures or dies and falls from the tree. 

For most in Western civilization the whole adoration of skulls and skeletons may seem a bit odd but it actually stems from pragmatism and makes perfect sense.  Ones soul last for ever and when the flesh is gone all that is left is ones bones hence the soul is thought to reside in the bones.  During the conquest the Spanish tried to convert the indigenous and tought them all about the holy trinity and angels.  Shaman scratched their heads because they could converse with their god’s but couldn’t see the Spanish angels the conquistadors spoke of.

Today, over 500 years after the ‘Conquest’ of Mexico the Day of the Dead and its traditions are very much alive in Mexico.  In the comming weeks we will feature a number of pieces of contemporary folk art that show the day of the dead is still used today to reflect ones ancient beliefs in today’s modern world.