Jacobo & María Ángeles

Oaxacan master Jacobo and his wife Maria Angeles from the community of San Martin Tilcajete have elaborated marvelous works of art in wood carving, reconciling a unique style with monochromatic colors and also decorating with Zapotec ornaments in order to preserve the culture of the state of Oaxaca. Today they continue to innovate their style to create new works of art in wood carving.

Julia Fuentes & J. Juan

Julia Fuentes Santiago daughter of the famous wood carving and painting artisans, Epifanio Fuentes and Laurencia Santiago, has adopted a style in the decoration of wood pieces that is characteristic for the colorful detail put on them. In the same way, Julia and her husband, preserve their Zapotec culture by decorating their works with the ornaments of their ancestors and these together with their style make the wood pieces look spectacular.