The man who gave birth to a unique culture in our country, with its customs and traditions of the Wixarika people. Jacinto, shaman of this glorious community that even in our times continues to enjoy its roots as an indigenous community and they seek to preserve it through their works of art.
Originally as an offering to their gods, Jacinto and his community, bring such offerings decorated with colorful Chaquira and a majestic detail in each of these, without losing the originality of their culture.

Florencio López

Raised by the great shaman Jacinto, his father. Knowing how important the offerings decorated with Chaquira are, Florencio seeks to show the world these offerings with his colorful details in fine Chaquira creating his unique style that characterizes his family. In addition to the colorful details, Florencio creates depth in these and the unique Peyote Flower which can be seen in all of his pieces and is characteristic of the Lopez family. The colorful details and combination of these is unique in his pieces, achieving a contrast in each one without losing sight of that detail. In addition to all this, the fine chaquira she uses makes an excellent conjecture with her style.

Morelia López

From Florencio’s flower Morelia is born with his father’s style but he adapted it to his own with pastel colors and creates his own flower being slightly circular. However, to preserve his roots, his works feature his father’s unique flower being the full design or half of the flower that can be seen in the outline of the works.