Peyote People


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The art of ceramics is wonderful, but it was not like that in its beginnings. It began as something to cover a need, different communities began to do it to have tools that are used in daily life, as utensils for families. It was the curiosity to transcend this craft that led different characters to apply techniques that made them see the clay as something beyond, turning it into art.
Today, we can appreciate these unique techniques in clay and ceramic works, especially in the decoration of these, or even in the materials used before the clay was baked.
This art covered many parts of our country, to name a few, Guanajuato, Puebla and Oaxaca; and we can differentiate the pottery of each one of them.

In Guanajuato we find the family of Javier Servin, with an incredible decoration of flowers, dots, fretwork; For the state of Puebla, the Castillo family with fine details with clay, in addition to its unique decoration; And in the state of Oaxaca, enjoying styles in clay and ceramics, we find the black clay and red clay, among many others, these depending on the community in which we find ourselves.