Julia & Jose Juan Fuentes

Julia Fuentes works together with her husband José Juan Melchor to create beautiful pieces of art. The alebrijes that are the couple’s trademark portray a wonderful sense of movement and curiosity. Julia’s painting style is at the top of the field. Her technique reflects an expert level of shading with a sense of graduation in the colors. Although Julia uses her fine art studies to redefine the painting techniques found in Oaxacan wood carvings. She also honors the traditions that her family is famous for. Most notable is her use of Zapotec Indian symbolism as medallions that often appear on the body of the animal, creating a fusion between the past and the present.

Major folk art galleries around the world now show their pieces. Julia and Jose Juan are rising stars of the Oaxacan wood carvings. The couple maintains the sense of color and whimsy that these alebrijes are known for, whilst elevating them to create truly special artwork.